Stateline Builder Deluxe Chicken Coop with three windows.

Chicken Coops

Raising chickens doesn’t have to be a messy job if it’s done right. Keep your chickens safe from harsh weather and outdoor predators with one of our quality chicken coops. From egg production to farm fertilization, Stateline Builders offers chicken coops for all your chicken raising goals.

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Best Chicken Coops in North Carolina & Virginia

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Built to last

Our chicken coop structures are built with the same quality you know and trust from Stateline Builders. Keep your chickens happier and healthier in our high-quality chicken coops.

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Ideal roosting & laying

Your chickens require a safe space to roost at night and a comfortable area for laying eggs. Our chicken coops provide an ideal environment for better laying and egg production.

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Stylish design options

Chicken coops don't need to be unsightly. Select from many stylish design options on all chicken coops to match your home exterior or compliment your yard space.

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Perfect ventilation

A healthy chicken coop must have proper ventilation while providing a warm space for your poultry. Stateline Builders chicken coops offer ideal vented conditions.

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Ultimate protection

Protect your chickens from extreme heat in the summers to cold Southeast winters with a quality chicken coop from Stateline Builders that you can trust.

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Makes life easier

With the right chicken coop, feeding and cleaning your chickens is easy. Stateline Builders offers many features such as nest boxes, chicken door opening, and full-size door entry for easy access.

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Chicken Coop FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about our chicken coops.

Got even more questions? Read more FAQ, contact us, or visit us at one of our four retail locations in North Carolina and Virginia.
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Do you prep my foundation for my chicken coop?
What are the chicken coop standard features?
What is the soonest I can receive my chicken coop?
Will you help me select my chicken coop options?

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