A 12x24 Rectangle Yard Patio made of number one grade treated lumber, painted white with optional cedar shake roof and cupola.


Unmatched quality, craftsmanship, and value that even the pros trust

The wood use in our gazebos is not the typical builders grade lumber that you find at any lumber yard. We use a Natural Select number one grade premium lumber. The lumber is first kiln dried, then treated, then kiln dried again. This process minimizes the checking or severe splitting that you often see in your basic builders grade lumber. For a maintenance free gazebo we offer vinyl gazebos, which uses the same quality treated pine for structural strength with the added vinyl covering all surface areas.

Choose from three favorite gazebo shapes

Stateline Builders is your premier North Carolina & Virginia gazebo builder

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Delivery & on-site construction

Our gazebos come to you completely assembled and ready to set up on your prepared site.

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Blend with your existing deck or pier

We can work together with you or your contractor to make your gazebo blend as a part of your new or existing deck or pier.

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Highest quality at affordable rates

Many contractors come to us and buy because even they realize they can not match our quality and value.

Not all gazebos are built the same. Ours are crafted to last
We build gazebos with the highest quality materials at the highest level of craft. Even the pros come to us because you can only find our level of quality at value at Stateline Builders.

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