Red run-in horse barn finished with solid oak and swing dutch barn door.

Horse Barns

Quality equestrian barns and animal shelters that offer your horses the best living conditions in the Southeast.

Stateline Builders offers quality-built horse barns and animal shelters available in many configurations and sizes. As a trusted barn manufacturer, we provide you a custom horse barn that is:

  • Dry - has virtually no condensation
  • Quiet - isn't noisy during storms, won't scare your animal
  • Safe - less likely than metal to injure your horse when kicked
  • Durable - won't dent or puncture easily, our horse barns are delivered to you in one complete unit

Choose from three best-selling horse barn styles

Stateline Builders is your premier North Carolina & Virginia horse barn & animal shelter provider

Red icon of delivery truck

Easy delivery & quick on-site installation

Our horse barns come to you completely assembled and ready to set up on your prepared site. Delivery and installation is always included in our quoted price.

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Naturally insulated wood barn structures

We believe wood is the best material for horse barns and shelters, it works as a natural insulation, making the inside cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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Highest quality horse barns at the best rates

You can't find our level of quality and value. We pride ourselves on premium construction materials and trusted building techniques for the best possible horse shelter.

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Quality building materials

At Stateline Builders, quality is supreme. We choose the products for their quality and durability. All materials are above grade building materials, ensuring the customer a long-lasting shelter.

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Unlimited customization options

We can build to order any combination of stalls and storage rooms you want to design. Whatever you need, you can have it - doors or windows in the front, back, or side, partitions or no partitions.

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Stress-free purchasing experience

We build horse barns for first-time horse owners to professional equestrians. No matter your experience level, a knowledgeable team member will help you select the perfect horse barn to fit your goals and budget.

Not all horse barns are built the same. Ours are crafted to last
We build horse barns with the premium quality materials at the highest level of craft. Our horse barns include all the must-have features for equestrian use, but can also be used for pastured animal shelter.

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