Established in 1978 with special attention to quality, coupled with the finest materials available and superior customer relations have made Stateline Builders not only one of the largest providers of outdoor products in the southeast but a place where customers can know they are receiving a top-of-the-line product for the very best price, and from people they can trust to provide the finest customer service. Stateline Builders is a manufacture and a retailer of prefabricated kit buildings and preassembled modular buildings. The process of construction takes place within the confines of our shops where we have a more controlled atmosphere that is not hindered by inclement weather or other obstacles that slow down traditional onsite construction methods. This manufacturing process allows us to produce products more efficiently, keeping cost low and passing the savings onto our customers.

Stateline Builders is not a general contractor, we are classified as a manufacture and a retailer. We will deliver and set up the building on your prepared site and will work together with the home owner or 3rd party licensed general contractor to complete the project.