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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQ section to quickly learn more about our process and if we will be a good fit for your needs.

If you're looking for step-by-step support for shed buying or prepping your shed foundation, then please check out our detailed Shed Resource Guide.

Get Ready!

Frequently asked questions about permits, site prep & foundations for your new shed.
Do I need a building permit?
Do I need blocks under my shed?
Should I use gravel in my shed foundation?
Which is better, blocks or gravel?
What is considered a permanent foundation?
Does the purchase of my shed include the site prep and foundation work?
Do I need anchors?
What should I do before the delivery?


Frequently asked questions about Stateline Builders materials, assembly, and design.
What kind of siding do you use?
What kind of roof will I get on my shed?
Where do you build the shed?


Frequently asked questions about the building and delivery process.
How is the building delivered?
How long must I wait for my building to be delivered?


Frequently asked questions about Stateline Builders' easy and flexible financing options.
Apply for Rent to Own
Can I finance my shed?
Do you offer Rent To Own?

Quality Difference

Frequently asked questions about Stateline Builders quality construction and building warranty.
What type of warranty comes with the building?
Can I purchase the same product at big box stores?

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