A 10x24 shed row horse barn with cedar shake roof.

Shed Row Horse Barns

Shed row horse barns are a value-packed option to get the most out of your square footage. Our shed row horse barns can be combined in any configuration to include open run-in shelter and even tack rooms for your saddle and bridle storage.

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Standard Horse Barn Features

Above Grade Building Materials

Every horse barn comes built with solid oak post frame construction and durable rough cut pine board & batten siding.

Interior of horse barn 1” thick oak kick boards and chew guards.

Equestrian Must-Haves Features

Our animal shelters are built specifically for equestrian use, featuring 1” thick oak kick boards, chew guards and grated windows.

Durable Architectural Shingles

All shelters include durable architectural shingles that withstand all weather conditions including heat, snow, ice, rain, and strong winds.

Standard Quaker overhang with soffit.

Quaker Overhang with Soffit

Standard Quaker overhang with soffit adds character to your horse barn and protects your rafters from the elements for durability.

Sliding Window with Grill

One sliding window with grill comes standard in each stall. You can also add them to run-in sheds, or put an extra one on the end walls.

Some modern materials such as Gluelam LVLs are used in the standard construction of our horse barns.

Gluelam LVL

Some modern materials such as Gluelam LVLs are used in the standard construction to provide strength to your horse barn at a cost-effective price.

Ventilation Addons for Horse Barns

Optional gable vents for your horse barn.

Gable Vents

Add an attractive gable vents for optimal airflow and ventilation in your horse barn that provides fresh, clean air to your horses.

A B20 copper top cupola with weather vane for horse barns.

Copper Top Cupola

A B20 copper top cupola with weather vane adds proper ventilation to your horse barn with attractive design and style.

An optional drop vent for horse barns.

Drop Vent

An optional drop vent for horse barns that may provide added airflow and easy access to the interior shelter space.

Additional Horse Barn Options

Breaker panel switch & Electrical Pre-wire for horse barn.

Breaker Panel & Electrical

Add a breaker panel switch and pre-wire the electrical in your new horse barn for lighting and all your electrical needs.

Vapor proof lights for horse barns.

Vapor Proof Light

Vapor proof lights are ideal for lighting dusty or damp areas. The metal covering protects animals from hitting the lights for added safety.

An optional partition grill with feeder for horse barns.

Partition Grill & Feeder

An optional partition grill with feeder can separate the horse barn between stalls and adds feeding functionality to the shelter space.

Wood horse barn service door with 9 lite glass.

Barn Service Door

Optional barn service doors are available with beautiful 9 lite glass that adds character and functionality to your horse barn.

Shed-Row Horse Barn & Animal Shelter Gallery

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Horse Barn FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about our horse barns and animal shelters.

Got even more questions? Read more FAQ, contact us, or visit us at one of our four retail locations in North Carolina and Virginia.
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