9 Things to Do Before Installation Day

Congrats, your new portable accessory building from Stateline Builders is being crafted with the utmost quality. While you wait for your building to be delivered, there are 9 important steps to check off before installation day. 

1. Check with a building inspector for compliance with all local requirements

Contact your cities building and inspection department for compliance to all local requirements. Below are some example questions to ask your local building inspector

  • Are building permits required for my shed size?
  • If needed, what is the current timeline for building permits
  • What is required to get a building permit posted?
  • Are there any additional local rules about placement (setbacks) or intended use for my storage shed?

2. Get a building permit posted, if required

When required by your local municipality, take the necessary steps to get a proper building permit posted. If you are hiring a contractor to do any foundation work, speak to them about any required permits, as they may assist you in obtaining the correct permits.

3. Check with local zoning department for compliance

Most cities and HOA communities have setback rules that prevent permanent structure setup next to a fence or property line. It is essential to check with your cities local zoning department for the setback rules and other regulations about where your portable accessory building may be installed.

4. Get HOA approval, if required

If you live in an HOA community, contact your HOA board to get the necessary approvals. Some HOA communities may have rules regarding the height, color, or size of the building among other rules about where it can be installed.

5. Mark underground utilities, if using anchors

When your shed will use anchors, please mark your underground utilities so that no pipes or lines are disturbed. If you are unsure about where your underground utilities are buried, please call 811.

6. Purchase blocks and store on site

If you plan to have your storage shed blocked up, please purchase your blocks ahead of time and have them stored near your site foundation. It is not necessary to place or stack your block prior to installation. Our installation crew will properly set up your blocks for you.

If you need more guidance on how many blocks to purchase or what foundation to set up, then read our guide on how to prepare your site foundation.

7. Grade out and level your site area

Depending on the size of your storage shed and your goals, you may need to prep a foundation for your storage shed. See our detailed guide on how to prepare a site foundation for full guidance on what foundation type is best for your needs.

For small to medium storage sheds of pad of gravel is the best foundation. Read more about how to lay a pad of gravel for your shed foundation.

8. Make the surrounding site accessible

Please allow for 2 extra feet around the building for clearance during site installation. Trim low-hanging limbs, remove fences, gates, or posts, and clear any other obstacles that are within the installation zone. An accessible site will make your installation go much quicker.

9. Clean up animal poop

If you have dogs or animals in your site space, please scoop any poop in the yard so our team can work quickly to install your shed.

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