How to Maintain Your Shed

Congratulations on your new storage shed from Stateline Builders. Outlined in this guide are 5 tips to maintaining your new storage shed.

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Improve the ventilation inside your shed

Every shed should be properly vented to allow air in and keep moisture out. If possible, open your shed doors and/or windows occasionally to allow fresh air to circulate.

Be cautious when storing any moist items

Mold and mildew love dark, damp spaces. To prevent any mold or mildew growth in your storage shed, be cautious when storing any wet items and leaving it unattended long-term.

Use a dehumidifier in humid conditions

High humidity levels can rust, corrode, and break down materials over time. The ideal humidity level for long-term storage items ranges between 50-55%. For most climates, especially in the coastal regions of the Southeast, the average outdoor humidity level is above the ideal storage humidity levels.

To improve the longevity of your shed and the items inside your storage shed, consider reducing the humidity with a dehumidified. Dehumidifiers can be found at your local home or hardware store.

Dry off water after high-wind rains

During storms with high winds, such as hurricanes or Nor'easter, it is possible for wind -driven rain to be blown into your storage shed through doors or vent gaps. To prevent any mold or moisture in your shed, open the doors and/or windows after the story to dry out any moisture.

Door Adjustments

When your new shed is delivered, our driver will ensure that the building is set up level. After you have loaded the building up with all your items, the weight of the building will increase, this may cause your doors to come out of adjustment as the building settles. As a customer courtesy, we can come by the next time we’re in your area and re-level the building one time. If you can’t wait for us to get there or if this has happened more than once, it’s a very easy fix.

To adjust the doors yourself, begin by standing back and look at the door. Determine if it is the left side or right side that has settled. Place a floor jack under the floor just beneath the door jamb of the lower side. As you jack up on the building, you will see the top of the door level out. When the building is level, the doors will open and close easily. Place a shim under the skid nearest to your jack, then carefully lower and remove the jack. It’s that simple. You should not need to crawl under the building for any reason. Also, use caution and do not place your hand underneath the skid while the jack is holding a lift on the building. This may need to be done periodically, but in most cases, the building will settle in overtime.

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