Does My Shed Need a Vent

Any outdoor portable storage shed should be properly vented to provide improved air conditions inside the shed and prevent buildup of unwanted moisture, mold, and chemical fumes. The best vent for your storage shed will depend on how your shed is being used, what is being stored inside the shed, and your aesthetic preferences.

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Standard storage shed ventilation 

At Stateline Builders, every storage shed comes standard with two vents, one vent on each gable end. The standard gable vent is the most trouble-free option that allows for good airflow and ventilation for your everyday storage shed use.

Improve ventilation with a standard roof vent

If you plan to do any of the following, you might consider upgrading your storage shed ventilation:

  • Storage of strong chemicals or items that release intense fumes or smells
  • Shelter of animals inside the shed
  • Use of the shed for extended periods, such as a hobby shed or outdoor office

If any of the above apply to you, then you may consider upgrading to a standard roof vent to improve the airflow of your storage shed. Standard roofs vents offer improved ventilation and are generally low maintenance. Some customers, however, may not prefer the standard roof vent for aesthetic reasons. If you desire to achieve the best ventilation with discrete aesthetics, then a ridge vent is a great choice for your storage shed.

Achieve optimal ventilation with a ridge vent

For the most effective ventilation, a ridge vent is the best choice. However, it is important to note that during wind-driven rain, a ridge vent is most likely to leak that makes this vent style higher maintenance than a standard roof or gable vent.

What vent should I choose for my storage shed?

Stateline Builders offers three great ventilation options for your storage shed needs. For most customers, the standard gable vents included in every storage shed are a suitable option. If you’d like to improve your airflow ventilation, call Stateline Builders or visit one of our four retail locations to speak with an experienced team member that may assist you.

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