Do I Need Anchors for My Shed

When purchasing a new storage shed, you may wonder if your storage building really needs anchors. In this post, we will cover if anchors and required and what type should be used.

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Do I require anchors for my shed?

In most areas, anchors are required by law. The exact number of anchors is usually decided by your local building inspector and will vary from coastal regions to inland regions. Please consult a local building inspector for the number of anchors to use for your shed. Read 9 Things to Do Before Installation Day for a step-by-step guide and suggested questions to ask your building inspector.

Why aren’t anchors included in the price?

The location and the size of your building, in combination with local building codes, will determine how your building is to be anchored, so there is not a one size fits all formula. In addition, many of our customers prefer to save money and install the anchors themselves. For customers installing anchors themselves, Stateline Builders offers a D.I.Y. anchor kit. Please ask a team member for details on our anchor kits.

What type of anchors should I use for my shed?

Our basic anchor kit includes four 32 inch augers and is suitable for most uses. For buildings requiring high wind zone structural engineering, your building will require one anchor, for every 8 feet around the perimeter. This may be altered by your local building inspector, so please follow the necessary sets before delivery day to get the correct anchors for your shed.

More anchor questions?

If you're still unsure what anchors are needed for your storage shed, our knowledgeable staff at Sateline Builders is available to make recommendations considering your intended use and location. However, it is best to consult your local building inspector. Foundations preferences and requirements vary between inspectors and regions, as there are many variables to consider.

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