How to Choose the Right Floor Joists for your Shed

The type of floor joists required for your outdoor storage shed depends on what will be stored inside. Stateline Builders offers three sturdy floor joist options to meet your desired weight capacity for your outdoor storage shed.

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‍For outdoor durability, use pressure-treated wood floor joists in your storage shed

With any outdoor storage shed, it is important to select materials that will withstand weather and hold up to pests. Stateline Builders uses pressure-treated lumber Floor Joists that were chemically treated to resist rot, mildew, fungi, and pests. 

Select the right floor joist spacing for your storage needs

For everyday storage shed needs, 16" O/C is the standard spacing option. These pressure-treated floor joists are spaced 16” O/C (on the center).

If you plan to store heavier items in your storage shed such as a car, ride mower, or tractor, then the 12” O/C floor joist can be selected to increase the load capacity of the flooring area. 

For the strongest floor option, 2x6 floor joists are the best material for your storage shed

If you desire to attain the strongest floor in your storage shed, 2x6 Floor Joists should be used. It is standard to space 2x6 Floor Joists 16” O/C. 

Stateline Builders includes 2x6 Floor Joists in all Quality Series buildings for sizes 12’ & 14’ wide. If you are shopping the Classic Series storage sheds, 2x6 Floor Joists are an optional upgrade.

What floor joists should I select for my storage shed?

For best long-term durability, use pressure treated lumber as floor joists in your storage shed. If you want the strongest floor joists to hold the highest weight capacity, select 2x6 floor joists in your storage shed. For average storage use, 2x4 16" O/C is a standard floor joists with good strength. For customers looking to increase their load capacity with standard 2x4 floor joists, then consider spacing your floor joists 12" O/C.

If you are still unsure about what floor joists to select, call Stateline Builders or visit one of our four retail locations to speak with an experienced team member that may assist you.

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